University services

Counseling, Tutoring and Job Placement
Provides information and advice on the choice of studies, and creates a link between the University and the job market. The University also participates in SOUL, a multi-University Platform that provides placement opportunities and career advice for students and graduates in order to bridge the gap between higher education and the world of work.

Disability Office
Provides adequate solutions for disabled student with learning disability and special needs in order to enable them to fully participate in university life. It also provides specific technological tools, as well as Sign language interpreting and translation services.

Scholarship and Student Funding
Students are guaranteed the Right to a Higher Education through scholarships and a Bursary Scheme ( The Service gives financial support to eligible students (MA and PhD students) for tutoring activities. This service helps and supports students who participate in the Bursary Scheme and ensures that students have access to the Regional Right to University Studies benefits which include the canteen service provided by the Lazio Company for Regional Right to University Studies (Laziodisco) on the University premises. The Italian Government offers every year grants in favour of foreign citizens not resident in Italy and Italian citizens living abroad. Call for application is published on Study in Italy website.

The university wireless network is freely available to students allowing laptop computers to connect to university network. Both university buildings have coverage close to classrooms and the library. To login, use your university email address ( and password to enter your reserved area in the university website. Access is possible also through Facebook and Google+ accounts. (limited access :1GB per week).

Bank account
All foreign students who plan to study in Italy can open bank account. It is always an appropriate solution to open an Italian bank account for avoiding the charge every time they withdraw money (this charge depends on the country’s bank and the amount of withdraw every time). It is not necessary to make an appointment to open a current account. Opening an account can be done in a day. If you want to avoid going to the bank and waiting for your turn, there are some banks that offer convenience to open a bank account online.

You can open a bank account at any bank in Italy by presenting the following documents:

  • Tax Identification code (codice fiscale);
  • Passport (valid) and Visa /ID card;
  • Letter of invitation/acceptance by host university (where applicable).
  • Residence Permit (or postal receipt, while waiting for the electronic permit)


Banks are open from 8:30 until 13:30 and from 15:00 to 16:00. Some banks are open on Saturday mornings, but generally they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. On the day before a bank holiday, banks are often closed in the afternoon.

Inside the University of Rome “Foro Italico” you can find “Banca Popolare di Sondrio”. Visit the bank for information on special offers to students. Also, you can find inside the University ATM machines. You can also choose to open a Banco Posta account at Poste Italiane (Italian Post Office). For any further information you can contact the bank you prefer to open your bank account.

Sport facilities
University facilities include 9 fully-equipped gyms, the Stadio dei Marmi (monumental sport complex), a rowing centre and the Centre for Sport and Exercise Science. Free access to gym (FA4 and FA5) on specific days and times upon presentation of appropriate medical certificate. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 10.00 and from 12.00 to 14.00.
Those who have included in their learning agreement any practical subject (e.g. AFS-354A – Metodologia e organizzazione delle esercitazioni pratiche delle attività agonistiche or L22-09 – Giochi sportivi) must be in possession of a Medical Certificate for Competitive Sport issued by a Sports Medicine Doctor in Italy. If needed, students can be visited and released a certificate by a sports medical doctor at our university Centre of Sports Medicine (room no 42, in the basement) at the special rate of €60,00 (including regular check-up and additional examinations if required). Those interested can write to or phone at 06-36-73-34-00 (from 8:00 to 19:00) and make an appointment.

Sport Association (Polisportiva)
A.S.D. club represents the University in various national and international sports events such as track and fields, soccer, futsal, rowing, cycling, judo, karate, swimming, basketball, volleyball, rugby, team-gym team, tennis, table tennis, body language and expression.

Language Centre
Offers students courses in English, French and Spanish as well as Italian as a Second language to foreign students participating in international exchange programs (Erasmus+ and Cooperation and mobility programs). The Language Centre also promotes applied research in Second Language Acquisition, Specialized Communication and Educational Technology. Courses follow a standard semester format: general English and Spanish (Course level descriptors B1 and B2); English for specific professional purposes (B1-B1+) and (B2-B2+) for students taking a master’s Degree; and Italian as a Second language for European mobility students (at various levels); General French and Chinese for beginners (A1).

Opening hours: Monday from 10.00 to 15.00; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00 to 16.00; Friday from 10.00 to 14.00.

Has a specializes collection of sports and applied sports science books. It also 23 reading desks, 2 video magnifiers for the partially sighted; separate booths for online research; DVD /VHS players; more than 5,600 recent publications and over 200 rare or valuable volumes on sport and physical education; and 2 specialized databases (Sportdiscus, PsyArticles).
If you are resident in Rome for more than three months, you can apply for access at services of the libraries of Rome (Biblioteche di Roma). You should show your proof of residence in Rome, enrolment and ID. Books catalogue of all Italian libraries is available on the Italian Library Catalogue website.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.00, Tuesday and Thursday from 13.30 to 16.30.

Canteen and cafes are available inside the university and offer a variety of food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Students can eat in the University’s canteen (located in the building 4 of the “Foro Italico”). Erasmus+ students are offered a special rate to eat in the canteen of the University in Rome “Foro Italico” after applying. An agreement has also been done with two coffee bars (located in buildings 1 and 5) to offer a choice of cold and hot lunches at the same discounted cost of the university staff. Food and drink machines are also available. Alternatively, students can choose among a wide variety of restaurants and cafes in the university areas.

Laziodisco gives all students the opportunity to access university canteens to consume a meal in a friendly environment and close to course venues at low cost.Students who are scholarship winners are entitled to a free daily meal. Students in international mobility get a full meal for €5,90, whereas Erasmus+ students get a full meal for €3.Eligible students who are not winners of scholarships enrolled in years following the first are entitled to two free daily meals (subject to the closing times of the table).

Access to canteens is allowed to all students enrolled at State universities, non-state universities, university institutes, institutes of high artistic music and dance culture, with registered office in the Lazio Region.Registered students can also consume their meals at the local Adisu canteens other than their own.

To take advantage of the service students must complete the online procedure for accreditation (Accesso alla mensa tramite la DiSCo Mensa App – DiSCo ( to the app Laziodisco Mensa card can be done at any time during the academic year.

Strength and Conditioning Centre
This is where Technogym gyms are open daily to the local community to promote health and prevent disease by encouraging physical activity and a correct lifestyle.

University Shop
The official merchandising of the University of Rome “Foro Italico” is available for purchase at the University Shop, located in the building H (access from Giardino del cinghiale). It is possible to choose from a wide selection of customized clothing, accessories, stationery products, and eco-sustainable purchases.  Students are entitled to 20% discount at the university store when purchasing university sport apparel. Partnership with Adidas since 2016.

«Foro Italico» University Foundation
Assists the University in conducting research in the field of health promotion and prevention of disease. Set up in 2013, it runs the University Centre for Sport and Exercise Science which is responsible for certifying athlete’s fitness to take part in competitive, non-competitive or recreational sports activities. The Centre is also recognized by the International Federation of Sports Medicine as a Collaboration Centre of Sports Medicine.

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