International students

International students

The University’s educational and research activities are founded upon the principle that physical movement and sport contribute to the well-being of individuals, the community and society at large, and that they are recognized as significant resources. The University is strongly committed to promoting the ethical value of physical activity and sport, aiming to honor and enhance all the aspects of a human being.

The University of Rome “Foro Italico” is the city’s 4th state university in Rome. It offers all levels of Higher Education Degrees in the field of human movement and sport: 1st level degree (BA) in Sport and Exercise Sciences, Masters (MA) and Research Program (PhD). Over its one hundred-year history, during which it was previously known as The Italian Academy of Physical Education and The Higher Institute of Physical Education ISEF, the University of Rome “Foro Italico” has experienced continuous development and expansion. It remains the only Italian university entirely dedicated to sports, a distinction shared with a handful of European counterparts.

University facilities encompass eight fully-equipped gyms, the Stadio dei Marmi (a monumental sports complex), a rowing center, language laboratories, a sports library, science laboratories and research centers, student dining facilities, as well as the Center for Sport and Exercise Science.

Presently, University of Rome “Foro Italico”, boasting a student body of over 2,000, provides a 3-year bachelor’s Degree (BSc), four 2-year Master’s courses (MA), including one entirely taught in English, and an additional research-oriented postgraduate course spanning three years (PhD). These degree programs are offered by the Department of Movement, Human and Health Sciences.

Numerous are the partners universities in the Europe area connected with the University of Rome “Foro Italico” thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme and the bilateral agreements with institutions all over the world.













1. Rector’s and Managing Director’s offices 12. Snack bar, Restaurant
2. Gymnasiums, Marinozzi Hall, Shop 13. Tennis Courts
3. CONI 14. Olimpic Stadium
4. Gymnasiums, Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Health Service, Students Canteen 15. Marbles Stadium
5. Indoor swimming pools 16-17. ADISU Student Residence
6. Outdoor swimming pools 18. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
7. Sports Centre 19. Farnesina Stadium
8. Canoe Centre 20. Auditorium, Classrooms
9. Fencing 21. Milvio Bridge
10. Tennis Stadium 22. Duca D’Aosta Bridge
11. Real Tennis Stadium P Parking lot



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