Housing service – Accommodation

Housing service – Accommodation

The University does not provide student housing facilities. Therefore, foreign students must either rent rooms privately or share an apartment with other students.

The prices for a private room in a shared apartment range from €350.00 to €550.00 (or higher) per month. This information is based on research conducted on small ads published in newspapers and websites.

Please note that when renting a room, you will typically be required to pay a deposit equal to one to three months’ rent, depending on the area and the distance from the main universities. Prices for a double room range from €300.00 to €400.00 per person.

In Rome, there is a large number of foreign students, which can make finding accommodation difficult, especially for periods shorter than 12 months. It is recommended to start looking for accommodation well in advance, preferably before your arrival in Rome.

Students who are searching for accommodation while studying in Rome can contact servizio.alloggi@uniroma4.it.

The University of Rome Foro Italico has signed agreements with online agencies specialised in booking student accommodation. These agreements aim to facilitate the search for accommodation at discounted rates.


Important: DO NOT make any payments from abroad in advance. Make sure to meet with the person who is providing accommodation at your arrival in Rome. For assistance please contact our International Relations Office. Always DO SIGN an official rental contract: to rent properties without contract is illegal under Italian Law (Law Decree 23/2011) and leave tenants unprotected.
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