Pubblicazioni Laboratorio di Psicologia e Processi Sociali nello Sport

Pubblicazioni Laboratorio di Psicologia e Processi Sociali nello Sport

Anno Pubblicazioni
2023  De Maria, A., Mallia, L., Tomás, I., Castillo, I. & Zelli, A. (2023, In press). The satisfaction of basic psychological needs mediates the relation between perfectionism and sport performance: a longitudinal cross-national investigation. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. https://10.1080/1612197X.2023.2235597  .

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Giancamilli, F., Galli, F., Chirico, A., Fegatelli, D., Mallia, L., Palombi, T., Lucidi, F. (2022).  High‐Pressure Game Conditions Affect Quiet Eye Depending on the Player’s Expertise: Evidence from the Basketball Three‐Point Shot. Brain Science, 12, 286.

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LENZI F.R. (2023). La sede dell’identità. L’Europa come laboratorio in Norbert Elias. ROMA: Carocci Editore, ISBN: 9788829018857


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2021 Benzing, V., Nosrat, S., Aghababa, A., Barkoukis, V., Bondarev, D., Chang, Y.-K., Cheval, B., Çiftçi, M.C., Elsangedy, H.M., Guinto, M.L.M., Huang, Z., Kopp, M., Kristjánsdóttir, H., Kuan, G., Mallia, L., Rafnsson, D., Oliveir, G.T.A, Pesol. A.J., Pesce, C., Ronkainen, N.J., Timme, S., Brand , R. (2021). Staying Active under Restrictions: Changes in Type of Physical Exercise during the Initial COVID-19 Lockdown. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18, 12015.

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