Admission to Master’s Degree Courses

Admission to Master’s Degree Courses

Admission to the Master’s Degree Courses involves programmed numbering and is regulated by specific Notices of Selection.

Candidates interested in matriculating in the first year of one of the Master’s Degree Courses active for A.Y. 2024-2025 must submit the online application for admission in order to be included in the appropriate rankings by the deadlines for individual courses.

Applicants who are admitted to the individual rankings may proceed with matriculation. To be admitted to individual master’s degree programs, applicants must possess a certificate of English language proficiency (level B2). For those who do not possess it, it is possible to take a remedial course and take an exam by December 20, 2024.

In order to take advantage of the reduction of the all-inclusive annual contribution (matriculation/student fees), it is necessary to have the Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica (DSU)-ISEE 2024 for benefits for the right to university study, which can be requested from a CAF (Tax Assistance Center) or through the online services of the INPS website (after registration).


European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity (LM67INT)

Open Competition: prot.n. 0002999 on 04/06/2024

– ANNEX “A”Foreign Academic Title
– ANNEX “B” Curriculum Vitae
– Electronic Application Procedure – Step-by-step guide

Available places: n. 38

Deadline call for application: July 10, 2024, h. 12:00 (CEST)
Test basic knowledges
: July 15, 2024 (online)
Interviews: July 17-18, 2024 (in presence or online)
Selection results: July 23, 2024

  • Provisional Ranking of the candidates
  • Final Ranking of the candidates


Enrolment deadline and procedure: September 15, 2024


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