FINAL RANKING and ENROLMENT PROCEDURES for the a.y. 2022-2023 program of the European MSc in Health and Physical Activity (LM67 Attività Fisica e Salute)

Please find attached the Final Ranking of the candidates for the a.y. 2022-23 program of the European MSc in Health and Physical Activity (LM67 Attività Fisica e Salute) n. prot. 0004721, 09-09-2022.

In compliance with the current international legislation on privacy, the list of admitted candidates is published anonymously using the pre-registration number (Application ID) as a unique reference. This number can be viewed in the Application / Receipt for participation to the admission test  released by the electronic system before signing and final submission (as in the provided example) printable from the reserved area (login, secretary / admission test, select the competition to which you are registered in the competition list and scrolling the page, at the bottom, click on print admission application).

Admitted candidates are invited to enroll according to procedures and deadlines specified in the enclosed notice.

In consideration of the specific educational objectives (Required background - Mandatory curricular requirements) of the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity, the Admission Selection Committee has established the missing compulsory curricular requirements for candidates with access qualifications other than the Undergraduate Degree in the Sport Science area. These requirements (additional learning outcomes) are indicated in the relative annex and the candidates admitted to enrollment, in order to recover and acquire them by and no later than 20 December 2022, must contact the Chairperson of the MSc Program at the following address to agree on the acquisition methods.


Form for the computation of the annual all-inclusive tuition fees for EU Students (not for Italian students that shall be in possession of the Financial Situation Certificate ISEE 2022) 

Notice for EXTRA EU Students




Venerdì, 9 Settembre 2022 - 3:00pm