PARA-LIMITS - Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Disabilities as a Tool for Social Inclusion

Project ref. 622213-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-SPO-SCP


The project "Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Disabilities as a Tool for Social Inclusion - ParaLimits" is aimed at enabling high-level sportsmen and women with some kind of disability to successfully complete their sports and university careers without undermining one over the other.The name Para-Limits refers to those high-level athletes, Paralympics included, who seek to break down barriers and showcase their talent without limits. The consortium, led by FUNDACION UNIVERSITARIA SAN ANTONIO – UCAM (ES) is composed by FORO ITALICO DE ROMA (IT), UNEFS (RO), IPV (PT), UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK (IE), COLLINN (NO), EAS Network (based in Malta), the European Paralympic Committee (based in Austria) and the FUNDACION ONCE (ES).The list of intellectual outputs to be developed in the Para-Limits project is as follows:

O1. Documentary research activities (desk-work).
O2. Field research activities (field-work).
O3. Development of the innovative course curriculum.
O4. Implementation of the innovative course curriculum.
O5. European Handbook "Para-Limits, Dual Career, Disability and Sport".
O6. Observatory on Dual Career, Disability and Sport.


Erasmus+: Sport Collaborative Partnerships


Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio – UCAM (ES)


University of Rome “Foro Italico” (IT)
Fundacion Once para la Cooperacione Inclusion Social de Personas Condiscapacidad (ES)
Instituto Politecnico de Viseu (PT)
Collective Innovation AS (NO)
The European Athlete as Student (MT)
European Paralympic Committee (AT)
Universitatea Nationala de Educatie Fizica si Sport din Bucuresti (RO)
University of Limerick (IE)

Duration of project

1.1. 2021 - 30. 06. 2023

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Martedì, 13 Aprile 2021 - 4:15pm