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Present Occupation: Researcher at the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biotechnologies, University of Rome “Foro Italico”- Department of Movement, Human and Health Sciences.

Fields of Scientific interest: Epidemiology, Health promotion, Environmental Research issues applied to Sport and/or Physical Activity and Adapted Physical Activity, Environmental microbiology, Studies of environmental microflora, Hygiene indoor environments, Safety of recreational and swimming pool waters,  studies of microbiological indicator, Studies guidelines and epidemiological surveys in public health, Studies of pathogens transmitted through the water, Issues related to water treatment and disinfection.

Education and research

▪ 2011-2013. PhD in Public Health, in “Physical Activity and Health: biomedical and methodological aspects” XXVI cycle at the Department of Sport Sciences, and Human Health at the University of Rome "Foro Italico", Scientific-Disciplinary sector MED/42, Hygiene general and Applied. Scientific activity

▪ 2014-2015. Research grant at the Unit of Public Health, University of Rome “Foro Italico”- Department of Sport Sciences, and Human Health. Theme of project: “Health, quality and safety of recreational water environments”.

▪ 2016-2017. Research activity at University of Rome “Foro Italico” on antimicrobial properties of nanotechnological materials on behalf of companies and university spin-offs on issues related to the development of methods for the study of antimicrobial properties of materials, development and patenting of a prototype for the evaluation of materials and disinfectants and prevention interventions.

▪ 2017-2018. Research grant at the Unit of Public Health, University of Rome “Foro Italico”- Department of Sport Sciences, and Human Health. Theme of project: "Prevention of doping: development of a permanent educational tool coordinated by the prevention departments of the NHS”.

▪ 2018-2019. Research grant at the Unit of Public Health, University of Rome “Foro Italico”- Department of Sport Sciences, and Human Health. Theme of project: “Development of innovative strategies for thermal water treatments: nanotechnologies & perspectives for hygiene”.

Teaching activities

Assistant Professor at University of Rome Foro Italico:

- Courses related to Hygiene and Public Health; Epidemiology; Health Education; Health management, communication, and policy; Sociology of prevention.

- PhD courses, training, and tutoring.

- Post Graduation Courses: Bioinformatics and Biotechnology in Public Health (2018).

- Other courses related to Public Health issues e.g. General Hygiene, Applied Hygiene, Community Medicine, Hospital Hygiene, Environmental Microbiology; Hygiene and Preventive Medicine; Hygiene in Educational Sciences and Sociology.

 - Post graduate’s courses and master related to Methodologies and Techniques in Education, support, the disadvantage, and disability in Roma Tre University.

Others activity

- Experiences in peer reviewing scientific works and publications:

- Associate Editor of Advances in Physical Education international journal of sports and physical education.

- Referee activities for: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; Water Research of the International Water Association; Annali di Igiene e di Medicina Preventiva; Journal Medical Genetics; Pharmacogenetics; Italian Journal Public Health; Journal Respiratory Diseases; Aerobiology; Sciences of the Total Environment; Frontiers of microbiology, American Journal of Infection Control; European Journal of Public Health; SCIOL Biomedicine; Environmental Geochemistry and Health; The Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene; Environment International; Soil and Sediments Journal; Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.

- Collaborator for the laboratory of Epidemiology and Biotechnology at University of Rome “Foro Italico”.

- Member of the National Working Group Sport & Movement Sciences for Health, GSMS-SItI; 

- Member of local organizing committee of “Fifth International Conference Swimming Pool & SPA (Rome, April 9-12, 2013).

- Scientific collaborator of Book online (Igiene e Sanità Pubblica per le Scienze Motorie). - Member of the working group “Metodi biologici e microbiologici” of the standing Committee for the study on the water at the National Institute of Health.

Scientific Publications Author of over 100 publications, 1 patent, 3 public health textbooks for university students (Scopus H-index: 14 (Google Scholar 15); IF > 100; Cited >500).

Curriculum Scientifico: 

Selected publications:

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