OPEN COMPETITION for the Academic Year 2020/2021 to the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity (Laurea Magistrale Internazionale in Attività Fisica e Salute, classe LM 67) (Second Level Degree Program)

On-line application procedure available from 12 of June 2020, 13.00 - Deadline 20 of July 2020, 13.00 extended to 26 of August, 13.00 (Central European Summer Time) (Test on line: 01/09/2020; interview: 3-4/09/2020; provisional ranking list will be announced on 07 September 2020)Prot.n.0002472


CONSIDERED the L. D. no. 178/1998

CONSIDERED the M. D. 270/2004
CONSIDERED the Learning Rules and Regulation of the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity (Laurea Magistrale in Attività Fisica e Salute – LM67-I)
CONSIDERED LM67-I Program Council deliberation n. 03 on 9/04/2020 regarding the quotas of students to be admitted for the 2020-2022 program cycle

CONSIDERED Senate deliberations n. 15A and 15B on 20/04/2020 regarding the approval of LM67-I 2020-2021 teaching workload and agenda

CONSIDERED the Rules and Regulations concerning student fees and contribution  

ISSUE the following OPEN COMPETITION for the Academic Year 2020/2021 to theEuropean Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity  (Laurea Magistrale Internazionale in Attività Fisica e Salute, classe LM 67) (Second Level Degree Program)


The development of the program, coordinated by the University of Rome “Foro Italico” in consortium with the Norwegian School of Sport Science in Oslo (NOR), the University of Vienna (AUS), the University of Southern Denmark in Odense (DEN) and the German Sport University in Cologne (GER), has set out targets favouring the convergence of European Higher Education systems and the creation of an European Higher Education Area. It responds to the need of creating international university programs, whose structure includes studying periods abroad and guarantees an education towards both high professional opportunities and research activities, by making use of regular curricular internships.

Master graduates in Health and Physical Activity shall be able to integrate at high level their knowledge of movement sciences, into biomedical, psycho-pedagogical and sociological ones as well as specific research methodologies and, in particular, pertaining the use of movement science in the preventive and rehabilitative area, in different age groups. In this regard, the course offers a learning outcome guaranteeing the acquisition of professional knowledge, competences and the ability to upgrade techniques and theories utilizing research sources, enabling to plan, develop and manage programs of physical and sport activity:

  • Contributing to the promotion of fitness and wellbeing, to individual and public health, and to the prevention of risk factors, in particular those relevant to chronic diseases;
  • Part of the rehabilitative process, in cardiovascular, orthopaedic, traumatological, neurological areas;
  • Designed for different age groups, by specializing in exercise activities for children, adults and the elderly;
  • Designed for disabled populations;

In addition, graduates shall be able to deliver the above listed activities autonomously, also taking charge of projects and structures, and developing ability to increase and maintain participants’ motivation to keep doing physical activity in different groups and under various conditions. They shall be able to perform a diagnostic screening aimed to calibrate and customize physical and sport activity programs, then monitoring their execution. In the end, they shall be able to apply scientific methodology for the promotion and development in the health and physical activity area. These learning outcomes, in view of their complexity, require highly specialized and diversified competences which are hard to find in one single place. To this end, large European interdisciplinary synergies, such as those our course avails itself of, are essential. In fact, consortium universities are from 5 different European countries (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Italy). Through partnership among European universities of partner countries, it is guaranteed release of degree valid in all relevant countries. The course takes place at the University of Rome "Foro Italico" in the first year and at all consortium institutions in the second year. It is fully in English (teaching, tutoring, exams, essays, thesis and final discussion).


Graduates holding the second level degree from the European Master in Health and Physical Activity shall be able to carry out his/her own activity in the following professional fields and enter specific public or private structures:

  • Health and Fitness

To plan, deliver and manage exercise programmes designed to improve fitness and wellness, individual and public health, as well as to prevent risk factors, in particular those related to chronic diseases.

  • Children

To plan, deliver and manage exercise programs specifically designed for the developmental age, aiming to healthy growth of the individual and to the prevention of chronic diseases in children, such as obesity.

  • Elderly

To plan, deliver and manage exercise programs specifically designed for the elderly, aiming to the maintenance of psycho-physical health conditions, to the prevention and therapy support of chronic and degenerative diseases, and to the maintenance of movement and rehabilitation.

  • Movement Therapy and Special Populations

To plan, deliver and manage exercise programs aiming to movement re-education and rehabilitation of orthopaedic, traumatological, cardiovascular and neurological pathologies.
To plan, deliver and manage exercise programs specifically designed for disabled people.


The European Master in Health and Physical Activity is a two-year program. English is the official language. Learning activities are organized in intensive teaching modules (3 weeks each). The 4 modules of the first year will take place in Rome, at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”. Students from consortium Universities can earn at their own home institution those credits relevant to topics of Research Methodology, for a total of 15 ECTS. The activities of the second year will take place in different partner or associated universities. At the end of the program a joint certificate together with single or double degree/s will be released, in compliance with partner University’s enrolment and ECTS requirements.

In compliance with specific directions from the governments of partner countries that could modify rules and regulations towards social distancing, as well as national and international mobility, lessons will be delivered by telematic modality, postponing practical teaching and curricular internships, also with ad hoc courses, so to guarantee the fulfilment of the study program curriculum.


TIMETABLE – First Year



Biomedical issues in Health and Exercise



Changing behaviour towards a lifelong active lifestyle: from childhood to adulthood



Movement Therapy and Physical Activity for Elderly and Special Population



Research Methodology




Total ECTS 60


TIMETABLE – Second Year



Specialised Teaching & Internship on Physical Activity in Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation
(2 choices, 15 ECTS each,  among the teaching offerings of: Cologne, Odense, Oslo, Rome, Vienna)







Total ECTS 60


Admission of candidates, set at 38 positions, is made according to the ranking order. 16 positions are reserved to students from partner universities (minimum 3/university, until reserved positions are taken up).

Candidates are eligible to apply if:

1. they hold one of the following qualifications:

a) at least 3 years (180 ECTS) undergraduate degree in sport science area awarded by a European University or equivalent degree released by non-European Universities;

b) at least 3 years (180 ECTS) undergraduate degree in different areas or equivalent degree awarded by a non-European University.

2. They are going to obtain relevant qualification by 14 December 2020 and at the time of application  have acquired at least 155 ECTS. Candidates who will obtain relevant qualification by 14 December 2020, will compete only for positions not assigned in the graduate ranking list.
A number of additional positions are made available for admission to the second-year for those students who hold a first-level degree in Sport Science corresponding to 240 ECTS, with at least 60 ECTS overlapping first-year learning activities of the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity. For the academic year 2020/2021 the number of positions is set at 2.

Candidates holding a non-Italian degree and presenting their application in Rome (see below) shall submit by the closing date for receipt of applications:

  1. Degree certificate listing all passed exams, translated and authenticated in Italian;
  2. Official proof of degree validity issued by the Italian Consulate in the country where the degree was conferred and it should be clearly stated that the degree is valid for the application for admission “in Loco” to the second-level course.


  1. Annex B, “Information about graduate studies abroad” filled in and signed, together with  copy of a valid ID document. In this case, documentation as in points 1 and 2 should be sent to the appropriate offices within 4 months from enrolment. Applications falling outside these requirements will be cancelled.
  2. Foreign students will not be asked to pass the Italian language test.

All documents shall be attached in electronic format (pdf) following relevant upload procedure of the system when filling in the application for the admission to the selection.


Selection will be carried out by the Consortium Evaluation Board, appointed by the partners at the various consortium head offices. Candidates from countries other than the consortium will be examined at the head office in Rome.

Selection process shall evaluate:

  • Undergraduate degree qualifications;
  • Basic knowledge of topics related to preventive and adapted physical activity;
  • Candidate’s motivation and skills;
  • English proficiency (level B2/C1).

1. Ranking of Graduates.

Candidates are admitted according to their ranking order set by a) evaluation of degree titles (up to 20 points); b) degree score (up to 15 points); c) basic knowledge test (up to 5 points); d) interview (up to 5 points); e) additional educational and/or professional qualifications (up to 5 points). Maximum score is equal to 50/50. Candidates ranking in the first 38 positions will be admitted to the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity, provided that they hold the necessary requirements by the closing date for applications. In this respect, ranking is to be considered provisional.

In the event of equal final mark, the younger candidate will have precedence.

2. Ranking of students graduating by 14 December 2020

Candidates in this ranking list will be admitted to the course provided that they graduate by the 14 December 2020 and that there are vacant positions. By the above mentioned deadline, candidates shall provide the Student Office with a self-certification indicating degree date and score. Ranking, in addition to the evaluation of basic knowledge, of the interview and of professional qualifications, will be determined on the basis of the ECTS and of the average score obtained in the different subjects and of higher number of honors. In case of equal total marks, the candidate with higher number of honors will have precedence. If there are still equal marks, the younger candidate will have precedence. In order to be included in the ranking list, the candidate shall attach, a duly filled in self-certification (enclosed Annex “A”) in electronic format when applying to the selection by 20 July 2020.  

In case of positions still available, the Examination Board reserves the right to open again registration closing date for admission.

a) Assessment of qualifications: up to 20 points



Undergraduate Degree in the Sport Science area


Degree in the Health Science area Class 2


Italian Diploma in Physical Education (ISEF)


Undergraduate Degree in the Health Science area


University diploma in the Health Science area


Other Undergraduate Degree


b) Degree or Diploma Score: up to 15 points



110/110 (A) with honours


From 95/110 to 110/110 (A)

from 1 to 13

< than 94 (< A)


In case more than one valid qualification have been presented, it will be taken into consideration the qualification giving higher score.

c) Basic knowledge test: up to 5 points

It will assess basic knowledge of topics (movement, biomedical, psycho-pedagogical and sociological sciences) related to science of preventive and adapted physical activity. This test will be done online on  22 July 2019.

d) Interview: up to 5 points

The interview will evaluate candidate’s motivation and his/her ability to discuss topics pertaining the course activities and its internationalization, his/her background and experience, as well as assess candidate’s proficiency in English. This test will be done on 23-24 July 2020, also online for students not residing in one partner country or in case of social distancing and/or mobility restrictions.

Detailed information will be sent via email to each candidate admitted to the selection. Those who will not undergo the test or the interview at scheduled time will be considered dropouts for the admission in the ranking list.

e) Educational and/or professional qualifications (elective): up to 5 points

Only qualifications concerning learning outcomes specific to the degree class will be taken into consideration.
In particular:

  • Italian or foreign University Master of Science (two-year): 3 points;
  • Additional University Degree (three-year): 3 points;
  • Italian or foreign University Master (two-year): 3 points.
  • Italian or foreign University Master (one-year): 2 points.
  • Ph.D.: 4 points;
  • Certificates released by authorized Agencies: BLS (Basic Life Support); Certificate RSSP (Responsible for Safety and Security); European Licence ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence). Up to 1,5 points;
  • Certificates attesting other activities consistent with the second level degree in Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity and for which university credits (ECTS)  have been assigned: (0,25 points for each ECTS). Up to maximum 1 point;
  • Internationally recognised certificate of English language (B2 level or higher). Up to maximum 1 point.

Dispatch of documents

When filling in the application, the system allows enclosure in electronic format, through the option “Sfoglia” (browse), of documents saved in the pc or in other electronic devices, by uploading them. All documents must be in pdf format and candidates shall ensure that the application procedure has been successfully completed. No other methods for sending documents shall be accepted.

Required background
To be admitted to the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity it is mandatory to have earned a minimum requirement of ECTS or equivalent university credits in the following areas:

  • At least 12 ECTS in the biomedical area;
  • At least 4 ECTS in the psychological – pedagogical –sociological areas;
  • At least 12 ECTS in the physical education/ Sport/Movement sciences, and Kinesiology areas, with special regard to the basis of adapted and preventive physical activity

The undergraduate degree in the Sport Science area is the first-level qualification fully recognised. Other undergraduate degrees will be evaluated by the European Master Board to determine their consistency with the learning outcomes of the study program. In order to determine the additional learning outcomes to be gained, candidates in possession of qualifications other than the undergraduate degree in the Sport Science area shall include in the application in electronic format (see Dispatch of documents) a self-certification of obtained degree and passed exams or a degree certificate indicating all passed exams. On the basis of fixed criteria, certified professional experience, competences and skills could be recognised as ECTS, by enclosing also these documents in electronic format.

How to apply

The application to participate to the selection shall be presented no later than 20 July 2020 at 13.00 (Central European Summer Time):

a) non-Italian candidates from European partner universities shall present the application to the respective consortium head office ( following local procedure. Once selected by the local Committee, they have to complete the online enrolment by 15 September 2020 by filling the electronic form available at the following link: => Utilità => “Accesso Studenti e docenti”.

b) Italian candidates and those from non-consortium countries shall present their application on-line to the head office in Rome by filling in proper form following the link from our website :, in “Utilità” click on  “Accesso Studenti e docenti”. First, the candidate shall register to use the system by providing  the personal data and then he/she shall take note or stamp the username and password assigned by the system in order to proceed towards next steps. From now on, the candidate will be able to enter the website to complete the application. After logging in, access “segreteria”, then “test di ammissione” and proceed with the enrolment.  In this phase all required documents must be uploaded  in pdf format. Annex C and D are mandatory. In case of no payment of the selection fee of € 60,00 (see next paragraph), candidates will be excluded from the selection process. Candidates who do not hold the required qualification at the time of application, can enrol if they expect to gain the qualification no later than 14 December 2020, by hypothesizing possess of qualification.

Selection fee

The selection fee for students applying to the University of Rome “Foro Italico” is € 60,00 (€ 58,97 for organizational and administrative expenses, € 1,03 for accident insurance).

  • Italian students have to utilize the electronic form automatically generated by the system.
  • International students shall pay exclusively by bank transfer to the university bank account: Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro Italico”, IBAN IT92B0569603215000004910X56; BIC/SWIFT POSOIT22XXX, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, then sending electronic copy of the relevant receipt to Elia Raganato as person in charge of this procedure at

Failure to pay will result in exclusion from selection procedures. The selection fee shall not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Students from partner universities are subject to local rules.

Selection results

Results of the selection process (PROVISIONAL ranking list) will be announced on 28 July 2020 exclusively through their publication on websites: in “Ammissione”, and as well as on websites of the consortium Universities.

Non-EU students

Non-EU citizens not residing in Italy have been reserved 7 positions. Without prejudice to the selection procedures of the current Call, applications for the admission and selection tests must observe Italian Ministry of Universities and Research’s regulations (Procedure per l'ingresso, il soggiorno e l'immatricolazione degli studenti stranieri/internazionali ai corsi della formazione superiore in Italia per l’anno accademico 2020-2021). As indicated in the MIUR notice on 22 of May, 2020, the Universitaly Portal (, will represent the unique official tool , both for the promotion of the Italian academic educational offer and for the online pre-enrollment of foreign/international students.

No quota limits apply for EU-candidates, wherever residing, and non-EU candidates meeting requirements of art. 39, paragraph V, of legislative decree of 25.07.1998 nr 286 (legally staying in Italy) who can be admitted to selection tests as long as they are in possession of a valid qualification.


Successful candidates that have been admitted trough the ranking list and up to set positions, shall enroll by the deadline that will be communicated afterwards the publication of the FINAL ranking and  according to procedures described in the university website at the “Segreteria Studenti” subpage (in home page “accesso rapido” on the left). Successful candidates who will not enroll by deadline and according to enrolment procedures, will automatically considered dropouts. Thus, up to set positions, through online announcement, we will proceed with the ranking list. Students from consortium universities, with the exception of Italian students, are allowed to pay taxes and contributions of the two-year course on the basis of a fixed amount, without calculation of family income (I.S.E.E.). The set amount is Euro 3.200,00 (Board of Directors’ deliberation of  08/06/2017). For the A.Y. 2020-2021, the 1st instalment fee is € 481,13 and the 2nd instalment fee is € 1.118,87.


1st INSTALMENT FEE € 481,13 to be paid by the deadline that will be announced at due time.

It includes:
Comprehensive contribution - down payment  € 325,13
Regional Tax DSU € 140,00

Virtual duty stamp € 16,00

2nd INSTALMENT FEE to be paid by 30 April 2021.

It includes:
Comprehensive contribution - final balance (depending on the income bracket as hereby specified, see Tuition fees and fees reduction annex):

Table 1 – comprehensive contribution – final balance

INCOME (I.S.E.E.) BRACKETS –  MSc (II level)  programs

1° year


da euro

a euro

I bracket




II bracket




III bracket




IV bracket




V bracket




Total and partial exemption from comprehensive contribution: 1) Students with disability; 2) Students included in the LAZIODISU ranking list (see below); 3) Students with a family income I.S.E.E. (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) value equal to or less than € 30.000,00 (law n. 232 on 11/12/2016 Student Act);

  1. Disabled students with an attested disability (art. 3, par. 1 and 3, of legislative decree of  05/02/1992, n. 104) or an attested disability up to or exceeding 66% , are completely exempted from the comprehensive contribution except for the virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) to be paid by the 1st instalment deadline. Students with a disability between 33% and 65% are offered a partial exemption from contributions of € 300,00.  
  2. Students applying for LAZIODISU scholarship are exempted from the comprehensive contribution and Regional Tax DSU, except for virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) to be paid by the 1st instalment deadline. However, in case they will not be included in the final, conclusive ranking list, they are required to pay the balance of the 1st instalment by 31 of December and to pay the 2nd instalment by the settled deadline.
  3. Based on Student Act  law n. 232 on 11/12/2016, 1st-year students with I.S.E.E. value equal to or less than € 30.000,00 benefit from a tax reduction as follow:

I.S.E.E. value 

Comprehensive contribution

I.S.E.E. equal to or less than 13.000 euro

No comprehensive contribution. Only DSU regional tax (€ 140,00) plus Virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) have to be paid.

I.S.E.E. between 13.001 e 30.000  euro

(ISEE-13000)*0,07 plus DSU regional tax (€ 140,00) plus Virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) have to be paid.

*Provided that the total contribution (net of the regional tax and duty stamp) is not higher than the level of contribution provided for in Table 2 of this call


The first two (2) best students from each partner university, up to a maximum of ten (10) students, are fully exempted every year from the comprehensive contribution and they have to pay only the  DSU regional tax (€ 140,00) plus Virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) provided they comply with the following merit requirements:

  1. 1st year: acquirement of  30 ECTS by the end of the first semester;
  2. 2nd year: acquirement of  90 ECTS by the end of the first semester;

Table 2



1° year

2° year

1° extra-year (FC)§

2° FC§

3° FC§

4° FC§

5° FC§


da euro

a euro

I fascia









II fascia









III fascia









IV fascia









V fascia









Contribution of Students exceeding the 2-year attendance (non-regular students)(§)

A student exceeding the normal duration of the program will result as non-regular student (fuori corso, FC). From the second year as non-regular student, the student contribution will be subjected to a 20% surcharge.  Surcharge will be additionally increased by 10% for each year as non-regular  student (+30% 3rd year, +40% 4th year). From 5th year onwards as non-regular students,  the student contribution will be subjected to a 50% surcharge as indicated in Table 2.

University staff exemption from contributions

All permanent staff of the University of Rome “Foro Italico” enrolled on second-level degree programs benefits  from the agreement as for the are fully exempt from payment of contributions and costs. Only payment of  DSU regional tax (€ 140,00) plus Virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) is required.

Right to University Studies

As per our national and regional normative system aiming to support outstanding and lower income students in their studies, candidates to entrance competition for second-level degree programs can participate to the selection procedure for assignment of scholarships, accommodations, financial contributions and contributions for learning experience in Italy and abroad. In order to benefit from the above, candidates will have to participate to the competition published by the Regional Laziodisu and apply online by the set deadline. Announcement of competition is published in and also through a link in our university website in the page “Diritto allo Studio”. Those interested are invited to look at it. Candidates will be included in the DSU ranking list on a provisional admission until they enrol at the University of Roma “Foro Italico”.

Foreign students, except for those coming from EU countries, with incomes earned abroad cannot avail themselves of the self-certification and on-line application to benefit from the Right to University Studies must be done through the DSU office of the University where they will have to present all required documentation. They should refer in person to DSU office within competition deadline.

Person in charge of the procedure

The person in charge of this procedure is Dr. Elia Raganato (law on 07/08/1990, no. 241).
The transparency of the procedure and the criteria and procedures for appointing the Selection Committee and the person in charge of the procedure comply with the law no. 241, on 7 August 1990, and subsequent amendments.

For further information you can contact:


Mercoledì, 10 Giugno 2020 - 4:45pm