To enrol candidates admitted to the 1st year shall:

Step 1 Connect to the University’s website and fill in the online enrolment application form, available from 16/09/2019 at 12:00 a.m., by and not later than 23/09/2019 at 12.00 a.m. (Central European Summer Time).

It should be noted that students holding a foreign degree not issued by a Partner University shall provide, by and not later than 30/04/2020, by email to segreteria.studenti@uniroma4.it in pdf format copy of:

  • Legalized translation in Italian of achieved degree certificate, complete with transcript of all passed exams
  • Statement of Academic Eligibility and Suitability (Dichiarazione di Valore in loco) issued by the Italian diplomatic-consular representation in the country where the degree has been achieved and confirming that achieved degree is valid to enrol on a second-level degree course.

The procedure to enrol is:



ACCESSO STUDENTI E DOCENTI (at this stage, you can select the English language by clicking the UK flag at the right top. Not all, but most of the explanatory notes and the menus will then be in English)




If admitted candidates are already enrolled in another Italian university, they shall ask the administrative office of their home Institution for studies quitting or transfer to the University of Rome “Foro Italico”. Afterwards, they shall forward copy of studies quitting or transfer receipt (or relevant self-certification) in pdf format by e-mail to segreteria.studenti@uniroma4.it by 23/09/2019, declaring date, academic year and University they first enrolled at.

N.B. enrolment application form must NOT be either delivered or forwarded but kept in digital format. Enrolment will be finalized by this office later on (in fact, once the online enrolment procedure has been completed, it results still to be finalized, “in attesa perfez. imm.”), also assigning to the student his/her identification number.

Step 2  Pay the 1st tuition fee instalment (advance payment of annual all-inclusive tuition fees, regional tax and stamp duty) by and not later than 23/09/2019 as follows:

  • ITALIAN STUDENTS: print from the student’s reserved area (click on “segreteria” and then on “pagamenti”) relevant payment form (MAV) and pay it as indicated on the MAV itself. It is compulsory to follow this procedure of payment by MAV (which can be made also online if in possession of an online home banking account); no other methods of payment are permitted. One week/ten days after the payment, it will appear as made in the reserved area.
  • Foreign STUDENTS: make a bank transfer to Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro Italico”, IBAN IT92B0569603215000004910X56, Swift/Bic: POSOIT22XXX, indicating reason for payment (enrolment LM67-INT AY 2019/20, family name and name), and forward copy of payment receipt in pdf format by e-mail to segreteria.studenti@uniroma4.it.

Successful candidates who fail to accomplish the above listed procedures and do not enrol by 23/09/2019 at 12.00 p.m., will BE automatically considered dropouts. Thus, up to set positions, through announcement on the university notice board, we will proceed with the ranking list.

STEP 3  Computation of the annual all-inclusive tuition fees:

  • ITALIAN STUDENTS interested in benefitting from reductions in the annual all-inclusive tuition fees, by and not later than  15/09/2019, shall be in possession of the Financial Situation Certificate ISEE 2019, “Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica” (DSU), for services for the Right to Universities Studies (“per le prestazioni per il diritto allo studio universitario”), which can be asked for free at a CAF (Fiscal Assistance Center) or alternatively on INPS website through their online services (upon registration). Please note that certificate release is not immediate but it takes 15 working days from the request.

ISEE data will be obtained automatically from INPS database and the 2nd tuition fee instalment (balance of annual all-inclusive tuition fees), calculated on the basis of relevant income bracket, will be available in the reserved area approximately from mid-April.

  • FOREIGN STUDENTS and Italian students with income generated abroad shall refer to the enclosed document “income generated abroad and foreign students’ enrolment 2017” and forward requested documents or the “self-certification income earned abroad” form to segreteria.studenti@uniroma4.it, respecting the same deadline (15h of September 2019).

It should be noted that those who do not comply with the above-mentioned procedures, shall be considered as belonging to the highest income bracket; the same apply to students who do not wish to present their ISEE 2019 (please refer to enclosed STUDENTS TAXES REGULATIONS).

STEP 4  Payment of the 2nd tuition fee instalment (balance of annual all-inclusive tuition fees) by and not later than the 30th of  April 2020) as per procedures specified under step 2.


  • Disabled students
  1. Students with a certified disability as per art. 3.1 and 3.3 Law 104/1992 or with a certified permanent disability equal to or exceeding 66% are completely exempt from payment of tuition fees, except for stamp duty.
  2. Students with a certified permanent disability between 33% and 65% shall pay the 1st tuition fee instalment but are offered a partial exemption from annual all-inclusive tuition fees of €300, 00.
  • Students who have applied for a grant (LAZIODISU)

Students who have applied for a grant shall pay only the stamp duty. However, should they not be ranked as winner or eligible in the final ranking, they shall pay the difference of the 1st fee instalment by the 31st of December 2019 and then pay the 2nd fee instalment by the 30th of April 2020.

  • Transferred students. Students transferred from another University of Latium Region shall not pay DSU Regional Tax.
  • Students from Partner Universities (agreement signed with consortium universities)

The first two (2) best students of each partner university in the ranking list, up to a maximum of ten (10) students/year, are exempt from payment of all-inclusive tuition fees, except for the costs pertaining DSU regional tax and stamp duty, on condition that the following merit prerequisites are met:

- In the 1st year of the programme: achievement of at least 30 ECTS by the end of the 1st semester;

- In the 2nd year of the programme: achievement of at least 90 ECTS by the end of the 1st semester.

  • Based on Student Act law n. 232 on 11/12/2016, 1st-year students with I.S.E.E. value (released for subsidized services for the right to university studies) equal to or less than € 30.000,00 benefit from a reduction of the comprehensive fee as follows:

I.S.E.E. value 

Comprehensive contribution

I.S.E.E. equal to or less than 13.000 euro

No comprehensive contribution. Only DSU regional tax (€ 140,00) plus Virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) have to be paid.

I.S.E.E. between 13.001 and 30.000 euro

(ISEE-13000)*0,07 + DSU regional tax (€ 140,00) + Virtual duty stamp (€ 16,00) have to be paid.

*Provided that the total contribution (net of the regional tax and duty stamp) is not higher than the level of contribution provided for in Table 2 of this call


Enrolment (by 12:00 a.m.) and 1st tuition fee instalment


ISEE 2019 15/09/2019

2nd tuition fee instalment 30/04/2020

Should the above deadlines (except for the enrolment  and 1st tuition fee instalment, which would entail being considered as dropout) and any other ones later indicated not be met, a DEFAULT INDEMNITY will be applied as follows:

€. 50,00  up to a 60-day delay

€. 100,00  beyond a 60-day delay

N.B. the University provide all students with an email address, which can be accessed to from the homepage www.uniroma4.it by clicking on “Mail Studenti”, using the same username and password to login in the reserved area (email address will then be: username@uniroma4.it). All communications from/to student-university shall be made through the above-mentioned email address. It will be activated once enrolment has been finalized from this office (in fact, once the online enrolment procedure has been completed, it results still to be finalized, “in attesa perfez. imm.”) and will be deactivated at the end of the student’s career.

In the event of quit, no payments will be refunded



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