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University of Rome "Foro Italico" have in place effective procedures and arrangements to promote and guarantee the safety and protection of Erasmus+  and incoming participants from partner universities in their activity at our institution. With this regard, all Erasmus+ and Exchange students and trainees are covered by insurance in case of accident, serious incident (including permanent or temporary incapacity) and death. 

Health insurance in Italy is essential to receive appropriate assistance but is also a requirement to request a residence permit. Your health insurance should cover your health care for the entire period of your stay in Italy. You can have a private or a national health insurance. You can choose any hospital and/or doctor (public or private) for your medical services. If you have already stipulated an insurance policy in your country of origin and it was validated by the Italian representation before you left, you can use it for the first issue of your residence permit.

If you are a student from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland and are in possession of a valid national health insurance in your home country, you need the European Health Insurance Card. This card is issued by your health insurance provider. The EHiC card will allow you to have access to the National Health care services (i.e. medical examinations, recovery in a hospital or in a health care centre, etc.). The overall objective is to guarantee you an adequate assistance throughout your stay in italy. Please note that the card does not cover payments for private healthcare providers or for planned healthcare.

More information for the card you can find here: 
Otherwise once in Italy you will have two opportunities: either registering with the National Health Service (SSN) or stipulating a private policy with an Italian health insurance provider.
By registering with the National Health Service (SSN), you will get complete health assistance and be assigned (or you can choose) a local GP, who you can refer to, free of charge.

The NHS gives you the same status as any Italian national from the medical services point of view:

  • you can refer to a general practitioner (whose services will be free)
  • you will have free access to first aid hospital services
  • day‐hospital permanence
  • surgical procedures in all public structures
  • for blood and other analysis, examinations and specialist visit you must pay a reduced tax (ticket).
  • registration is valid for one solar year. (1st January ‐ 31st December).
You have to go to the ASL office (Local Health Authority) which is closest to your residence (addresses can be found at the and present:
◦ Proof of payment of about € 149,77 to the Postal Office on c/c n. 370007 specifying as reason “iscrizione volontaria al Servizio Sanitario Nazionale»;
◦ Valid Passport;
◦ Tax Identification code (codice fiscale);
◦ Permit of residence or the application receipt from the Post Office;
◦ Self-certification proving your enrolment at the University Foro Italico.


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