Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Erasmus+ offers opportunities for students to study and staff to teach or train in higher education institutions beyond Europe. It also makes the same opportunities available for staff and students from countries beyond Europe to come to participating HEIs in Europe.

This is known as International Credit Mobility.

Guide for Erasmus+ and International Students 2023-2024

Following its successfully application (project ref. 2022-1-IT02-KA171-HED-000075228), the University of Rome “Foro Italico” has been granted funding in 2022 (mobility periods from August 2022 to July 2025) to send and receive students (opportunities to study abroad are available to students at Master and PhD levels) and staff (both academic and administrative) with its partner universities:

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Are you a student from the above partner universities? Are you interested in having an Erasmus+ study experience at our university? Look at our Course Catalogue.

Bando E+ per mobilità di studio studenti Dottorato di Ricerca presso paesi Extra-EU (KA171) a.a. 2023-2024
Scadenza per la presentazione delle domande: 10 novembre 2023 ore 12:00
Graduatoria studenti di dottorato per mobilità di studio E+ KA171 a.a. 2023-2024
Learning Agreement (LA)


Bando E+ per mobilità di docenza e formazione presso paesi Extra-EU (KA171) a.a. 2023-2024
Scadenza per la presentazione delle domande: 10 novembre 2023 ore 12:00

Graduatoria staff per mobilità di docenza e formazione E+ KA171 a.a. 2023-2024

Domanda di partecipazione al bando (docenza)
Staff Mobility Agreement - Teaching

Domanda di partecipazione al bando (formazione)
Staff Mobility Agreement - Training


Some feedbacks from our students who have participated in the last ICM project (ref. 2018-1-IT02-KA107-047556)

A.F. from the University of Novi Sad : "It was amazing experience, I improve my knowledge and skills a lot, but because of Coronavirus it was really sad on the end, but I hope so we will have on more opportunities for internship. Thank you for this opportunity!"

A.L. from the University of Nis: "The program is fantastic and I would recommend it to students and all young people if they meet the criteria to participate. Through the program, I learned a lot of new things, improved my old knowledge and skills. I learned a lot about new methods used in sports science and practice, I created some new ideas and definitely decided what I am going to do in the future. I perfected the language, learned one new language and made a lot of new friends. The international office from both, sending and receiving University always came out to meet us and we had fantastic communication".

I.L. from the University of Taipei: "I really appreciate for this chance to go abroad with the grant provided by EU. Through this program, I have not only gained more knowledge but improved my adaptability, language skills and also met lots of international friends who expand my view. During the time studying abroad, I received countless help from the administrative staffs and professors of receiving institution. I can say, attending this program is definitely one of wise and correct decisions I have ever made".

D.M. from the University of Novi Sad: "Beside everything in education field, I would like to express that people, staff and professors on Foro Italico University were so great to me that i had not any problem to feel like I am at home. I am fully satisfied with level of supporting from all staff and I hope that every other student will fill that. Another thing that really like to point out is friendly atmosphere on University and during my research so work was easy and comfortable. Best experience and best practice in my research carrier!"

A.P. from the University of Rome “Foro Italico”: "The Culture and the History about this country and this city are incredible. If you like to discover different kind of methodologies about study and amazing customs regarding life, Belgrade is the best place in the East Europe".