With support of the European Commission, ERASMUS+: Sport, Youth and EU Aid Volunteers funds the consortium of five European countries is developing a project called "Development an innovative European Sport Tutorship model for the dual career of athletes" - ESTPORT.

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Project partners:

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain - Coordinator

University of Rome Foro Italico, Italy

The University of Malta, Malta

Leeds Trinity University, United Kingdom

The University of Thessaly, Greece

Europa Community Ltd., United Kingdom

The project has been approved in 2014 call, project number: 557204-EPP-1-2014-1ES-SPO-SCP and respond to one of the three EU general objectives to promote and support the good governance in sport and dual career of athletes.

The main EU policies in the fieldd of sport (White Paper on Sport 2007; Communication on Sport 2011; EU Work Plan for Sport 2011-2014 and the new EU Work Place for Sport 2014+) all set the following prorities in the topic of dual career:

  • To provide "dual career" training for young sportman and sportwoman and to provide high quality local training centers to safeguard thier moral, educational and profesional interests (White Paper).

  • To ensure that young high-level athletes are offered quality education in parallel to thier sport training as welll as to develop European guidelines on combined sports training and general education (Communication).

  • To prepare a proposal for European guidlines on "dual careers" aimed at ensuring that young athletes receive quality education alongside their sport training (EU Work Plan).

Therefore, the specific objective of our ESTPORT project is to develop, transfer and implement an innovative 'EU Sport Tutorship programme' in different European Universities, involving public authorities, sport-related organisations and educational actors, as a key stakeholders to accomplish the EU Guidlines on Dual Careers for Athletes.

The ESTPORT project develop a collaboration synergy in the field of sport for students and professional athletes and establish a network among the universities involved and other parties that are related to the sports development, linking this to a tutorial of the athletes so that they can combine their higher education with professional sports. This project aims at developing a European “Sport Tutorship” model at Universities that will allow high-level students-athletes further develop their dual career across Europe. The ultimate goal is therefore to facilitate, through the Sport Tutorship, the integration of athletes into the University context, by maintaining their sport career performance.


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