Tempus Speed Project 2013-2016

  • Sport Professions: Education, Employment, Development in the Balkan Region (SPEED, 2013-2016)

Based on two previous Tempus projects conducted by the EU Partners in Albania, Kosovo (under UNSC Resolution 1244/99) and FYRoM to implement the Bologna Process and an initial curricular reform, this new project aims at:

  • extending the reform to other Western Balkan Universities and to Serbia, fostering harmonisation in the region and with the European Union;
  • developing a common approach to Sport Science accounting for modern standards and the manifold potentialities of sectorial qualification in sport as related to health, education, employment, development;
  • addressing the shared national priority personal services/sports and the regional priority vocational training with a joint, vocationally oriented Master and Lifelong Learning Programme targeting Sport Science professions, with a common core in line with the European standards, and specialisations with diverse learning outcomes and competencies to meet local needs and personal preferences.

Project website: www.tempus-speed.eu


Lunedì, 13 Ottobre 2014 - 6:45pm