Forte Roberta

Ruolo Accademico: 

Ricercatore Universitario

Area Scientifica: 

Discipline Motorie e Sportive

(SSD) Settore Scientifico Disciplinare: 


Dipartimento di Scienze Motorie Umane e della Salute - Sezione: 

Movimento Umano e dello Sport


Università di Roma "Foro Italico" Piazza L. de Bosis 6, 00135,


per appuntamento


Researcher at University of Rome “Foro Italico” since 2002 with teaching and research interests in the field of exercise and aging. She holds a BA in Physical Education from former ISEF of Rome (now IUSM), a Master in Medical Science from Queen’s University of Belfast (UK) and a PhD in Health and Performance Science from University College Dublin (Ireland). Her research to date has mainly addressed the effects of exercise for elderly subjects, specifically concerning the physiological effects of fitness classes. She is currently working on the assessment of the physical and cognitive factors determining functional ability and their promotion through physical exercise in healthy older subjects.

Curriculum Scientifico: 

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